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Google Increases Speed of New Chrome Beta version

March 20, 2009

Google has introduced what it says is a faster beta version of Chrome. The announcement was made on a new company blog devoted to the browser.

According to Chrome product manager, the beta is up to 35 percent quicker than the previous version of Chrome. Other new features include being able to drag tabs to get a side-by-side view, form autofill, autoscroll and a full-page zoom.

The speed claim is difficult to verify. Google hasn’t published any numbers comparing Chrome to other browsers. Microsoft recently said that IE8 is faster than Chrome 1.0.

Three versions of Chrome are now available: the “stable” release, this new beta, and an even buggier developer-only build. Introduced last September, Chrome now is the fourth most popular browser, edging out Opera, according to Web metrics company Net Applications. However, with only 1.15 percent of the market, it’s still far behind leaders Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Top US Business Executives List’ with over one million contacts from ListOrbit

March 19, 2009

ListOrbit, the renowned online marketing services provider has come up with a “Top Million Business Executive Database”. This database is compiled from the top companies across US with the complete contact information of the best professionals. The list comes with the Company Name, Contact Name, Job title, Address, Phone number, Email address, SIC code, Fax number and much more.

This unique database from listorbit will give you an access to today’s most powerful business professionals that include corporate, middle management, HR & training executives, Sales & Marketing managers and other key professionals. You can now maximize the response to your marketing campaigns by targeting the right prospects.

Listorbit Today released its Industry-Specific Datacards

March 18, 2009

listorbit today released updated datacards for Industry-Specific marketing lists. The lists consist of the latest contact information of executives ranging across various industries.

Renowned for their marketing list quality and innovative marketing solutions, ListOrbit updates their marketing lists regularly to ensure the best quality. With industry specific lists available to target any industry of your choice, these marketing lists will help marketers ensure their success.

Listorbit updated its double opt-in marketing lists to ensure the best deliverability rates in the domain. All these records are verified and double-checked.