Listorbit- Want to know about email marketing from Listorbit?

Here it is:

Now a question from listorbit: What is permission based email marketing?

Answer is simple: Sending email marketing messages to only a list of people that have asked to receive promotional messages or otherwise opted to be a part of a company’s communications is called permission based email marketing.

Permission based email marketing can:

Deliver highly relevant messages to the right audience

Enhance lead generation

Build trust and brand affinity

Drive sales

Driving your email marketing campaign on a run-of-the-mill email list is easy. But results from such unsolicited email promotions can ruin your reputation, diminish your brand value and cause to blacklist your business.

Simple tips to build your own opt-in lists

Place convenient sign-up requests on your website

Offer incentives for sign ups

Hand out sign-in forms at public forums and conferences

Train sales and customer service personnel to acquire permission

Fast, easy, effective and affordable ways to permission based email marketing

We provide the following to assist you with permission based email marketing:

Prepackaged opt-in email marketing lists

Custom list building services for niche campaigns

Appending email addresses to your postal files

Lsitorbit will come up new post on tomorrow.


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One Response to “Listorbit- Want to know about email marketing from Listorbit?”

  1. Smith Says:

    Thank You Listorbit,

    Instead of sending promotional messages to few email lists which already we have in friend list or collected from some where permission based email marketing is best idea to promote our business. Its effective and profitable too it helps business to keep away from spam issues because its already permission based emails.

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